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Moonlight (2016) gay-themed movie

Moonlight is a drama written by Barry Jenkins & Tarell McCraney. Composed as a three-part narrative spanning the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of Chiron (Trevante Rhodes), an African-American trying to survive Miami’s drug-plagued inner city. The spectator is...

The DL Chronicles Returns 2

The DL Chronicles Returns (Thomas) a gay-themed webseries

After 4 years of absence on television screens, Two Cents Productions, Russelli & Hall Filmworks and Here! TV (in association with Stop That Bangin’) are backing DLC again. Their first move is to serve the loyalty of true fans by faithfully continuing...


Wait Up, a gay-themed music by Prinze George

Wait Up is a metaphorical picture showing the separation & reunion of two men in love. As they struggle to imagine a life each on their side, Elliot and Lyston feel the need to retrace their steps and return to the...


Falling for You, a gay-themed song by Lyon Hart

Falling for You is the main title of eponym ablbum composed by Lyon Hart. The clip shows the highs and lows of a passionate relationship, taking place in the privacy of two men. Alternating hatred and desire, a...


Gents, a gay-themed short film by Tom McNie

Gents is a romantic comedy created by Tom McNie
. It tells the story of Alex, a young man approaching the thirties, who is living with his boyfriend for three years now. As Alex is unable to honestly confide in his friends, they...