Aban and Khorshid (2014) Gay Short Film

This movie is a touching drama depicting the pain of two men excuted for their love. Darwin Serink cleverly denounced the atrocity of our times and make us wonder how such a thing is possible in a modern country. Aban and Khorshid is inspired by a true story that happened in Iran, 2005. Irresistibly attracted by each other, two gay men with a simple lifestyle will be imprisoned for their sexual orientation before to be publicly exposed and sentenced to death. This remarkable piece of art has been awarded by Cannes emerging filmmakers showcase, Seattle international film festival, Outfest and many others. Aban and Khorshid are portrayed by the two brave actors: Mojean Aria and Bobby Naderi. I invite you to visit their offIcial website called abankhorshid.com

Jonathan Caron

I'm a genuine fan of gay movies and I enjoy spending some of my free time sharing my passion with you. My professional life is punctuated by editing short films and writing random posts on this blog. I simply try to discover new masterpieces while helping my community.

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