American Male, winner of MTV’s Look Different Creator Competition

American Male is a polemical short film exposing a competitive society where being an alpha male is not only a goal but the norm. The story follows a young man embarked in a fraternity. As he wants to fit in the group, he gradually gives up all sensitive aspects of his character in order to become a “real man”. The film assumes all modern clichés about masculinity to better show the roots of a specific conduct, which attracts a part of American youth. As they refuse to embrace their true nature, the main characters are constantly trying to reinsure themselves while avoiding their apparent same-sex desire. This work aims to challenge masculinity norms by simply reflecting our fascination with this kind of men, while developing a gay subtext. American Male was written, directed, produced and edited by Michael Rohrbaugh.

Jonathan Caron

I'm a genuine fan of gay movies and I enjoy spending some of my free time sharing my passion with you. My professional life is punctuated by editing short films and writing random posts on this blog. I simply try to discover new masterpieces while helping my community.

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