Curmudgeons, a gay-themed comedy by Danny DeVito

Curmudgeons is a sweet short film whose story revolves around a pair of senior citizens engaged in a relationship that shocks both their families. The characters sincerity makes the work incredibly charming and their crudeness gives a very fun side to the turn of events. As she goes to a residential home to visit her father, Robin tries to understand his new love interest, which she silently perceives as a betrayal toward her deceased mother. Begins a touching exchange between the two acolytes until Jackie comes in the room. The movie has been selected as Vimeo’s first official Staff Pick Premiere and noticed in many festivals for the originality of its script or the breathtaking performance of its actors. Ralph and Jackie are portrayed by David Margulies and Danny DeVito. I was pleasantly surprised by this discovery.

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  1. clifford street says:

    Oh WOW…… This is one of the most beautiful gay romances I’ve EVER seen. Superbly acted by ALL involved. It just goes to show that as far as love goes, AGE or GENDER has no boundries. I laighed and cried so much (a happy cry, if you know what I mean), to one of the sweetest little gay films, and for once a gay movie with a wonderfully happy ending. Mr Devito this movie is pure genius. 🙂

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