Departure (2016) Gay Movie

Departure is a romantic drama written and directed by Andrew Steggall. Beatrice and her teenage son spend an entire week to pack the contents of a holiday home, in an isolated corner of southern France. The young Elliot is facing his burgeoning sexuality and the growing detachment of his mother. As for Beatrice, she realizes that all love has disappeared from her marriage, so she prepares to turn an important page in her life. Elliot then meets a mysterious local boy named Clement, on the shores of a lake dam. Clement will gradually push Beatrice and Elliot to confront their desires and, eventually, to fight each other. Departure is an intimate story that begins at dawn on the first day and ends the night of the sixth, describing the end of summer, the end of childhood and the end of a classic bourgeois family. The protagonists are portrayed by Alex Lawther, Phénix Brossard and Juliet Stevenson.

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