The DL Chronicles Returns (Thomas) a gay-themed webseries

After 4 years of absence on television screens, Two Cents Productions, Russelli & Hall Filmworks and Here! TV (in association with Stop That Bangin’) are backing DLC again. Their first move is to serve the loyalty of true fans by faithfully continuing the story of The DL Chronicles series via internet. The genesis of the initial script revolved around Chadwick Williams writings (an aspiring journalist with a gift for observation) as he recounts the secret life of men of color around him while adding his own fantasies in a book to be published called The Down Low. The third preview of the webseries “Returns” focuses on Thomas character, a former NYC firefighter who has sunderwent a major operation after a serious accident. His chronicles invite us into a provocative world of sexual discovery, denial, betrayal, love and loss as he falls in love with the male caretaker supposed to help him during his rehabilitation period. Note: in case you are confused by intros, DLC is promoting The Chadwick Journals before each episode start.

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