Don’t Wait, a gay song by Joey Graceffa

Don’t Wait is an original work written by Joey Graceffa. The music video depicts a gay love story told as a fantastic tale. First, we are invited inside the imaginary world of a young boy who is bullied by his playmates. To escape the suffocating atmosphere in which he is immersed and where he feels oppressed, Joey often imagines himself as a young prince at the mercy of the wicked, who is looking for love and comfort. When his best friend come to defend him against the “trolls”, it always warms his heart. After being stuck in the same situation for several years, Joey has grown but he is now facing other problems. His mother being ill, he continues to escape reality and willingly get lost in its charming fantasies until he eventually finds his true identity and accept himself as gay. The clip is a lovely ode to loyalty and true love.

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