Esteros (2016) gay movie

Esteros is an Argentinian drama written by Andi Nachon and directed by Papu Curotto. The film tells the story of Matías and Jerónimo, two adolescents who used to spend their summers together in the Argentine wetlands of Esteros. They were separated by a family move to Brazil just as their close friendship was blossoming into mutual attraction. When they meet up again as adults, Matías is about to marry a woman while Jerónimo is confident as an out gay man. As the two old friends rediscover each other, their chemistry become palpable again and Matias begins to question his commitment to his girlfriend. So when they decide to take a side trip back to Esteros without Matías’s fiancé, nostalgia isn’t the only emotion that arises between them. The movie is conceived as a painting that explores the enduring power of a first love. Matías and Jerónimo are portrayed by Ignacio Rogers and Esteban Masturini.

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  1. Lalor says:

    Hi, I saw a gay scene and I can’t found from wich film is it. Can you help me? I have the clips of the actors in that scene. If you want you can send me a mail.
    Thank you so much.

  2. SHERİİN says:

    Where can I watch it??!

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