Gents, a gay-themed short film by Tom McNie

Gents is a romantic comedy created by Tom McNie
. It tells the story of Alex, a young man approaching the thirties, who is living with his boyfriend for three years now. As Alex is unable to honestly confide in his friends, they are all convinced that he is a happy and lucky man. They genuinely believe that being gay sets him free from the torment of living with the opposite sex. What they do not know is that Alex’s couple is in fact going under a very turbulent period where communication is literally sidelined. The humor of Tom McNie is commensurate with his talent. The scenario follows a jazzy tempo until we discover the intimate life of Alex and realise the truth about the calamitous state of his relationship. The protagonists are portrayed by Alex Dowding, James Naylor
, Brian Law and Pablo Olewski.

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