Spasibo, a short film by Anaïs Sartini

Spasibo is a response to the censorship of Entre les corps, a short film that was rejected in 2012 by the Parisian Season’s Festival in Saint-Petersbourg. It tells the story of Clément, a french comedian who visits the most beautiful Russian city in order to attend a film festival. But once he gets there, he realizes that nobody can see or hear him. He has just disappeared in the eyes of all people around him. In this dramatic condition, Clément meets Andrei, a gay russian who experiences the same problem and who is astonished by the fact that his young interlocutor can actually converse with him. The film is a subtle critique of conservatism at work in Russian society. Anaïs Sartini addresses her subject with great tacte and a lot of allusions, without any pain or hatred. The protagonists are portrayed by Clément Bayart and Andrei Odintsov. Note: you can activate the subtitles via the CC button in the player’s bottom toolbar.

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