Take Me To Church by Hozier, subversive gay song

This song was really controversial when it came out because most of the people including the gay community didn’t understand the topic and the meaning of the video clip. This is probably because Take Me To Church is a subversive music that is taking back every Christian clichés on homosexuality and assume them in order to make them fall by themselves. It’s why the gayness of the characters is pictured as a curable sickness that will lead them to an infernal death. Behind the tragical story, Hozier is revealing the bully aspect that come across with a genuine and not straight love. He did it, not to offend us but because it’s happening in real life, under the symbolic satanism, we are talking about living people taking away from the city. From my point of view, this is not a complete condamnation of the catholic tradition and dogma, this is just a way he found to speak with his heart through his sincere faith.

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