Trevor, an award-winning short film by Peggy Rajski

Trevor is a gay-themed comedy-drama written by James Lecesne & Bruce Vilanch, the film was directed by Peggy Rajski. It was initially released in 1994. Set in 1981, its humorous story follows the little Trevor (Brett Barsky), a 13-year-old boy passionate about Diana Ross and musical theatre. As he slowly becomes infatuated with his best friend named Pinky Faraday (Jonah Rooney), a school classmate very popular and older than him, word spreads that he must be gay. Mocked by his comrades and friendless, Trevor attempts to kill himself in a scene that is both heart wrenching and darkly funny. But Trevor is no victim. By the end it’s clear his enthusiasm and developing sense of self will always see him through. The film is a wonderful journey of introspection that will make you feel nostalgic about the ’80s atmosphere. All the actors are impressive and the script is brilliant. A thousand thanks to Peggy Rajski for sharing this amazing work with us, it made me so happy to randomly find it online yesterday!

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