You’re Killing Me (2015) Gay Film

You’re Killing Me is a comedy thriller written and directed by Jim Hansen and Jeffery Self. The film shows the evolution of a strange romance between George, a narcissistic web entrepreneur (in fact, an extravagant and caricatural youtuber), and Joe, an obscure murderer. George’s friends found his new friend rather distant and a bit cold but they are far from suspecting him to kill people. When Joe start to volatilises, the buddy group will conduct its own investigation to uncover the truth about this intriguing character. The two gay protagonist are portrayed by Jeffery Self and Matthew McKelligon. This was an intersting idea but i’ve seen better plots.

Jonathan Caron

I'm a genuine fan of gay movies and I enjoy spending some of my free time sharing my passion with you. My professional life is punctuated by editing short films and writing random posts on this blog. I simply try to discover new masterpieces while helping my community.

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